Getting Started

Selling your home can be daunting–that’s why it’s helpful for you to have a professional involved who will walk you through every step.

Step 1- Pricing

It may seem challenging trying to decide how much to market your house for sale.  You want the most you can get, but if you price it too high it will just sit on the market building up days and then you’ll have to reduce the price because buyers will think there’s something wrong.  On the other hand if you price it too low and it sells immediately you’ll be underselling your property.  That is where we are here to help. We know the market; We have the experience; We have the tools; and We will use our multi-tier pricing structure and magic pricing strategies to make sure you’re getting the most for your home while selling it in a reasonable time.  Home values in your area can differ greatly, and this is where Shamrock Properties can assist you by providing a personalized Competitive Market Analysis.

Step 2- Contracts and Forms

Real Estate transactions can be tricky and the transfer of property is something that needs to be done correctly to protect your interest. Shamrock Properties provides all the right documents, contracts and forms to ensure you are protected during the contract phase through the closing on your property.  In addition to finding the right price in the market for your home, making sure you have the right contracts and form s to protect yourself and your family is important so something does not get overlooked.

Step 3- Preparing your Home

Whether your home is in tip-top shape, or in need of some work before it goes on the market, Shamrock Properties provides assistance in getting your home ready to sell.  First we will provide you with a personalized inspection from one of our agents.  Next we’ll provide a check list for you to have so you can stay organized while you are getting your home ready to sell.  Finally if you need them we have relationships with preferred contractors that we can send to your home to provide quick service so we can list your home in a timely manner and have it looking great!

Step 4- Marketing your Home

Shamrock Properties uses multi-faceted marketing approach reaching potential buyers from every possible direction.  We call it “throwing a wide net” to catch as many possible interested parties as we can.  Shamrock Properties will market to Baldwin and Mobile counties using the local realtor multiple listing service (MLS) to reach every Realtor in the area.  Then you’re property will be featured on our website and transmitted to over 200 websites so that we can capitalize on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing making your property relevant online.   Additionally, your property will be featured on social media utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Various online professional emails will be sent using our extensive database of contacts to all Realtors and interested parties regarding your listing to ensure your property is sold quickly!

Step 5- Showings with Feedback 

At Shamrock Properties, we keep a comprehensive log of showings on your home with feedback from the Realtor at each showing. We will contact you with feedback and let you know if any changes need to be made to your home to get it sold faster.

Step 6- Negotiating the Best Deal for You

There is no substitute for experience.  We literally closed thousands of transactions in multiple states.  Once an offer is received, your agent at Shamrock Properties wants to ensure you get the best deal possible for your home, so leave the negotiating to us! We will be in contact with the potential buyers for you throughout the contract and closing process.

Step 7- The Closing Process

Possibly the most intimidating part of the process, the closing of your property involves many steps.  We will walk you step by step through the process using our closing coordinator.  Answer all of your questions and use professional’s to make sure your property gets correctly transferred.   Your agent at Shamrock Properties will be there for you, every step of the way.

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